A few suggestion from Michael O. Church on things he wish he knew when starting his career. t.co/rAszwP16oR #STEM #Career #SW
Vic Davis' recently departure from making #digital #games, here's an interview with him on what led to the decision. t.co/8nNc5kSS87
A new data frontier awaits, one where #CS can use it to develop machines that think and problem-solve like humans.t.co/2MOdeIuaVY
Scientists have a way of creating sensors which could allow machines to smell more accurately than humans. t.co/y2IOqwbZMn #robotics
Thanks to a low-cost #camera and cloud services for processing, creating models of #3D space became a lot easier. t.co/DzC6q8IFzR
There are no boundaries to the creative mind… t.co/XxEv0UcLgl #Xroads #tech @npralltech
Intelligentsia of #AI will gather to come up with a battery of alternatives to the traditional Turing test. t.co/m7jveL4v9a
Designer and architect Behnaz Farahi's 'Synapse' seeks to blur the lines between our bodies and the environment. t.co/U6OcKwynuR #3D

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The Biggest Mobile-Device Image Ever!

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Computer Animation Festival

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