Look at Mikki Rose's #SIGGRAPH journey from SV to #SIGGRAPH2016 Production Sessions Chair. t.co/JSj7eHXJeS
If this doesn't get you excited for @DisneyPixar's @findingdory... t.co/i46ylW5yMx (via @upcomingpixar)
Award-winning is just one way to describe the films presented at #SIGGRAPHcaf. t.co/4W4RT9FP37
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What's in store @ #SIGGRPAH2016? Here's a preview of @solaceplatform's #art paper! More: t.co/tangBTVNXu. t.co/lF7z3xrNYi
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The Race to Make Virtual Reality an Actual (Business) Reality via @FortuneMagazine t.co/csIXycs2EM
If you've wondered what are neural networks are and how they work, you’re hardly alone. Create your own. t.co/mW5Y29mePY @WIRED

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Direct From Vancouver!

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The Biggest Mobile-Device Image Ever!

Join SIGGRAPH 2014's effort to establish a new Guiness World Record, 8 pm Sunday.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Computer Animation Festival

Now available: Complete list of work presented in the Electronic Theater and Daytime Selects.


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