6, 5, 4, 3, 2... that's all it takes! Enter the #6secSIGGRAPH @Vine Contest today: t.co/3yryugSvkK. t.co/i3MRNrW1Fm
@google advances in producing this conductive yarn using the looms and machinery the textiles industry already uses. t.co/rTEUKUqv5i
It's an app-eat-app world. Be ready with the #SIGGRAPH2015 Mobile Focus: t.co/d44uoapzUj.
The winner of the Chapter Pride sweeps is @TO_siggraph! Watch the entry: t.co/CcOk7BgYQC. #sweepstakes #SIGGRAPH2015 #ACMSIGGRAPH
After 3.5 years of making unique social games like Fingle and Bounden, @GameOVEN closed doors in April 2015. t.co/CVjloqRy2e #gaming
Car drivers stopped wearing goggles almost a century ago. @BMW wants to bring them back. t.co/dEbuMtKxqM
@FOVEinc headset uses advanced eye tracking to provide the wearer with an immersive and completely hands-free #VR. t.co/VBleemRQnE
Demos of #AI typically involve animated content, but @Microsoft HoloLens headset to make reality more believably. t.co/tyGzb5yX7E

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Direct From Vancouver!

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The Biggest Mobile-Device Image Ever!

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Computer Animation Festival

Now available: Complete list of work presented in the Electronic Theater and Daytime Selects.


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