Vancouver Film School


New Generation of Microscopic Crowd-Simulation Algorithms

Sunday, 10 August 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM | Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building, Exhibit Hall A

This course on the theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of crowd-simulation algorithms is presented in three main sections:

* The theoretical aspects of crowd-simulation models: What are the main components crowd-simulation algorithms? What are the big classes of approach to crowd simulation? What is the difference between recent algorithms, called velocity-based models, and earlier versions? Why are these new solution more realistic>

2. A set of existing algorithms, designed to fulfill the requirements of many applications. How should we design efficient real-time simulators? How can we simulate crowds of very high densities? How can we control crowd motion for animation purposes?

3. Some specific applications. How does recent progress in crowd-simulation quality enable better simulation for movies, video games, or architectural design?





Intended Audience

Researchers, students, programmers.


Julien Pettre

Ming Lin
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Stéphane Donikian
Golaem SAS

Mikko Mononen
Unity Technologies