Production Sessions

Puppets, Printing And Compositing: A Unique Collaboration In LAIKA’s Animated Features

Wednesday, 13 August 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM | Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Ballroom C/D

From inspiration to Oscar noms, Oregon-based LAIKA has garnered global acclaim for its unprecedented fusion of stop-motion and computer graphics within each feature film. The studio's environment embraces the hybrid of artistic puppet performance and stunning visual effects enhancements. Georgina Hayns (Creative Supervisor, Puppet Fabrication), Brian McLean (Director of Rapid Prototype) and Steve Emerson (Co-VFX Supervisor) will discuss their interdepartmental relationships on the upcoming feature The Boxtrolls (in theaters September 26). They will also address the challenges, solutions -- and learnings -- that led to the success of LAIKA's first two Oscar-nominated films: Coraline (2009) and ParaNorman (2012).

Brian McLean, Director, Rapid Prototyping
Georgina Hayns, Creative Supervisor, Puppet Fabrication
Steve Emerson, Co-VFX Supervisor