SIGGRAPH 2014 Video Previews

Technical Papers

Brief video summaries of the fascinating and diverse work presented in this year's Technical Papers, the premier international forum for disseminating new scholarly work in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The video is also shown during the Electronic Theater.

Computer Animation Festival

The world's leading festival of the most innovative and accomplished computer graphics.

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies presents demonstrations of research from several fields, including displays, input devices, collaborative environments, gaming, computer vision, biometrics, wearable computing, scientific visualization, design, medicine, and robotics.


Explore the Studio and try out a wide range of new techniques and media with help from experienced hands. Play with the latest in 3D printing, modeling, and animation software. Bring your ideas to life with tomorrow's technologies in gigapixel imaging, motion capture, and more.

Real-Time Live!

An interactive extravaganza that celebrates the real-time achievements of evil geniuses, mad scientists, and creative computer gods!

Art Gallery

Acting in Translation presents 2D and 3D artworks, interactive systems, electronically mediated augmented reality, mixed-media installations and performances, web-based art, responsive media, time-based works, works using digital communities and social media, robotics, touch-screens, wearable art, mediated music, sound, and audio artworks.


The diverse set of presenters ranges from students to industry giants. You will be astounded by sheer excellence in modeling, shading, animation, lighting, effects, and more.