SIGGRAPH 2014 Mobile Pavilion

New This Year!

The SIGGRAPH 2014 Mobile Pavilion is where the mobile, embedded, and low-power industries come together: the leading IP companies, top app developers, device manufacturers, and mobile-operating-system developers.  With the unparalleled capabilities of modern mobile devices, this market is enjoying unprecedented growth and generating access to untapped revenues for organizations that are committed to this technology. SIGGRAPH 2014 explores the latest mobile advances with its SIGGRAPH Mobile program, which showcases sessions by industry experts, developer workshops, and panels of market luminaries. Now, with the Mobile Pavilion on the Exhibition floor, it is also demonstrating technologies that leverage hands-on opportunities and interactions. If you are a leading IP company, OEM/ODM, or mobile OS or technology developer, join the Mobile Pavilion in the SIGGRAPH 2014 Exhibition and interact with attendees who are creating the mobile, embedded, and Internet-of-Things future.

Stake your claim to that future by joining the debut of this cutting-edge pavilion at SIGGRAPH 2014. For more information about the SIGGRAPH 2014 Mobile Pavilion, please contact Exhibition Management and review the Exhibition Floor Plan.