Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games, Part I

Monday, 11 August 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM | Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building, Exhibit Hall A

Modern video games employ a variety of sophisticated algorithms to produce ground-breaking 3D rendering pushing the visual boundaries and interactive experience of rich environments. This course brings state-of-the-art and production-proven rendering techniques for fast, interactive rendering of complex and engaging virtual worlds from the folks from Bungie, Epic, Crytek and Ubisoft.

Course Schedule

9 am
Course Introduction

9:10 am
Next Generation Post Processing in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

9:55 am
High-Quality Temporal Supersampling

10:40 am
Rendering Techniques in Ryse: Son of Rome
Schulz, Mader

11:30 am
Hybrid Reconstruction Anti-Aliasing

12:15 pm
Closing Remarks




Working knowledge of modern real-time graphics APIs like OpenGL or Direct3D and a solid basis in commonly used graphics algorithms. Familiarity with the concepts of programmable shading and shading languages. Familiarity with shipping gaming consoles hardware and software capabilities is a plus but not required.

Intended Audience

Technical practitioners and developers of graphics engines for visualization, games, or effects rendering who are interested in interactive rendering.


Natasha Tatarchuk
Bungie Inc.

Brian Karis
Epic Games, Inc.

Michal Drobot
Ubisoft Montreal

Nicolas Schulz
Crytek GmbH

Theodor Mader
Crytek GmbH

Jorge Jimenez
Activision Blizzard