Moving Pictures: Making the Most of the Mobile

Tuesday, 12 August 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM | Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Rooms 109-110

Moving Pictures: Making the Most of the Mobile

Desktop graphics cards have achieved very high performance levels, but at the cost of size, power consumption, and heat. These issues mean that embedded GPUs must take a very different approach to achieve the performance that is expected of a computing device by the modern consumer. The decisions made by embedded-GPU designers influence the best practices for the mobile graphics developer. For example, tile-based renderers deliver high local frame-buffer bandwidth at the cost of performance degradations as geometry counts increase. The modern mobile device contains a very high-quality screen attached to powerful but efficient rendering hardware; the onus is on the developer to make the most of the display while keeping the efficiency of the system within the constraints imposed by battery life and heat dissipation.

By considering the bandwidth requirements of common rendering operations, the flow of data through the GPU, computational limits of embedded devices, and the optimizations typically performed by mobile rendering architectures, this course discusses the pitfalls of following a conventional desktop rendering workflow, and offers suggestions for optimizing rendering efficiency across multiple mobile platforms. The application developer should offer the best user experience, targeting the GPU’s considerable resources where they will enhance the final result in real-world situations. By examining the restrictions on performance imposed by current mobile rendering solutions and comparing those requirements with the desktop graphics industry, the course explores developments in mobile graphics and the impact of potential hardware and API changes with a view to future-proofing applications.

Course Schedule

9 am
Why Are Mobile GPUs Different?

9:05 am

9:10 am
Keeping Things Moving

9:15 am
Geometry Limits

9:20 am
Small Texture Caches

9:25 am
Hadn't We Dealt With That

9:30 am
Things You Can't Do

9:35 pm
Form Factors

9:40 am
Getting it on-Screen

9:45 am

9:50 am
If in Doubt, Cheat

10 am
Aesthetics are Not Everything

10:05 am
Using Your Advantages

10:10 am
The Future

Andrew Garrard
Samsung Research UK