New Generation of Microscopic Crowd-Simulation Algorithms

Sunday, 10 August 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM | Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building, Exhibit Hall A

New Generation of Microscopic Crowd-Simulation Algorithms

This course on the theoretical, technical, and practical aspects of crowd-simulation algorithms is presented in three main sections:

* The theoretical aspects of crowd-simulation models: What are the main components crowd-simulation algorithms? What are the big classes of approach to crowd simulation? What is the difference between recent algorithms, called velocity-based models, and earlier versions? Why are these new solution more realistic>

2. A set of existing algorithms, designed to fulfill the requirements of many applications. How should we design efficient real-time simulators? How can we simulate crowds of very high densities? How can we control crowd motion for animation purposes?

3. Some specific applications. How does recent progress in crowd-simulation quality enable better simulation for movies, video games, or architectural design?

Course Schedule

10:45 am

10:50 am
Velocity-Based Crowd Simulation Algorithms

11:10 am
Interactive Modeling, Simulation and Control of Large-Scale Crowds and Traffic

11:30 am
Applications 1: Design and safety

11:50 am
Applications 2: Entertainment

12:10 pm

Julien Pettre

Ming Lin
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Stéphane Donikian
Golaem SAS

Mikko Mononen
Unity Technologies