Emerging Technologies

A Compressive Light-Field Projection System

For about a century, researchers and experimentalists have strived to bring glasses-free 3D experiences to the big screen. Much progress has been made, and light-field projection systems are now commercially available. Unfortunately, available display systems usually employ dozens of devices, so the setups are costly, energy inefficient, and bulky.

This project demonstrates a compressive approach to light-field synthesis with projection devices. It is based on a novel, passive screen design inspired by angle-expanding Keplerian telescopes. Combined with high-speed light-field projection and non-negative light-field factorization, compressive light-field projection is possible with a single device. The prototype light-field projector and angle-expanding screen were built from scratch. The related Technical Paper evaluates the system in simulation, presents a variety of results, and demonstrates that the projector can alternatively achieve super-resolved and high-dynamic-range 2D image display when used with a conventional screen.

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Matthew Hirsch
MIT Media Lab

Gordon Wetzstein
MIT Media Lab

Ramesh Raskar
MIT Media Lab