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Cyberith Virtualizer

This Virtualizer, developed by Cyberith GmbH, is a locomotion device that delivers completely new impressions and experiences regarding gameplay and entertainment. It provides the user with the most realistic experience of virtual worlds possible, in their own private homes. The Virtualizer was developed to optimize the realistic impression of first-person games. It simultaneously unchains players from their chairs and places them right into the action. With the Virtualizer, you can actively participate in the adventures of your favourite character and (for the first time) without the restriction imposed by the borders of your screen.

The Virtualizer supports not only simple forward-facing movements like walking or running, but also walking backwards, crouching, jumping, and even sitting. The device is the world's first omnidirectional treadmill for home use with an integrated sensor system.

The highly engineered sensor system, combined with VR glasses that support 3D, places users directly into the virtual world and delivers overwhelming experiences. This experience is enhanced by the Virtualizer's ability to detect and process movement steplessly, which makes it possible to move in the same speed in the game as you do in the real world.

Potential applications of the Virtualizer extend far beyond games. As the device enables immersion in any virtual world you can imagine, there is a wide range of possible applications in fields like architecture, tourism, psychological therapy, education, training, and more.

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Holger Hager
Cyberith GmbH

Tuncay Cakmak
Cyberith GmbH