Emerging Technologies

Graffiti Fur: Turning Your Carpet Into a Computer Display

This new display technology, Graffiti Fur, utilizes the fact that the shading properties of fur change as the fibers are raised or flattened. Users can erase drawings by sweeping the surface with the hand and flattening the fibers, and then draw lines by moving fingers in the opposite direction and raising the fibers. These material properties can be found in various items such as carpets in our living environments.

The Graffiti Fur demonstration allows users to draw patterns on two different "fur displays" using a roller device and a pen device. The technology converts ordinary objects into rewritable displays without requiring or creating any non-reversible modifications. In addition, it can be used to present large-scale images without glare, and the images it creates require no operating costs.

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Yuta Sugiura
Keio University

Koki Toda
Keio University

Takayuki Hoshi
Nagoya Institute of Technology

Masahiko Inami
Keio University

Takeo Igarashi
The University of Tokyo