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Slit-Based Light-Field 3D Display

This project improves glasses-free 3D displays by using the human perceptual feature known as slit viewing: when a figure moves behind stationary narrow slits, observers can see the moving figure as an integrated whole.

The novel slit-based light-field display consists of several one-dimensional light arrays. The light arrays are arranged in a row with certain spatial intervals. Each light array is composed from LEDs aligned in a vertical line, and it is bounded laterally by a cylinder with a thin slit. Since the slit width is sufficiently small, the light through the slit becomes a ray of the light. The light array rotates fast with the cylinder, changing its flashing pattern, so te rays of different direction show different line images. The multiple lines of light arrays viewed from a fixed position synchronously change the pattern, as if the moving image is obtained through a thin slit. Different slit-viewing patterns can be generated at different position, and different moving images can be shown to the left and right eyes, which can lead to 3D stereoscopic presentation of moving images.

Although the slit-based light-field display cannot present static images, it could be a concise and effective information display in public spaces. The size of the display can be easily manipulated by changing the size of the LED array, and image resolution can be adjusted by changing the width of the slits.

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Hideyuki Ando
Osaka University

Seichiro Hirabara
Osaka University

Taro Maeda
Osaka University

Junji Watanabe
NTT Corporation