Real-Time Live!

Freeform: Digital Sculpting With Adaptive Surface Topology and Seamless 3D Coordinate Systems

Tuesday, 12 August 5:30 PM - 7:15 PM | Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Ballroom C/D

Limitations in the world of digital sculpting have traditionally been divided into two key categories:

• Complex, unintuitive tools that require many hours of training
• Primitive tools that succeed in accessibility but fail at providing enough power and flexibility for creating complex shapes

Using a combination of novel and emerging techniques, Freeform is a native 3D sculpting tool that represents a significant step forward in the delicate balance between usability and power. The Leap Motion SDK provides highly accurate markerless and gloveless 3D hand interaction for both sculpting and the user interface. Workflow improvements are achieved through an intuitive radial menu system that is seamlessly and unobtrusively integrated into the 3D scene. The underlying mesh engine is both flexible and highly performant, so it elegantly handles variable-detail resolution and arbitrary changes in surface topology.

Freeform supports several sculpting interactions (growing, smoothing, and painting, for example) inside an extensible framework for performing many types of surface deformations while preserving topological correctness. HDR image-based lighting enhances the visual richness of the background environments and the sculpted surface, which can be further customized through material selection (clay, glass, etc.) or painting. Camera control is implemented through a novel isopotential-based system, in which camera panning moves along equipotentials generated from the mesh geometry, and the camera zoom moves perpendicularly to these equipotentials. This control scheme intuitively allows smooth traversal over the surface at large distances, while seamlessly enabling finely controlled surface crawling at closer distances.

Raffi Bedikian
Leap Motion, Inc.

Adrian Gasinki
Leap Motion, Inc.

David Holz
Leap Motion, Inc.