SIGGRAPHITTI Issue 1 - April 2014

Technical Papers Sneak Peek

This year, the Technical Papers program received a total of 505 completed submissions! After committee review, 127 of them have been conditionally accepted, accounting for a 25% acceptance rate. In addition, 46 papers, published in ACM Transactions on Graphics during the course of the last year, will be presented at SIGGRAPH 2014.

“As is SIGGRAPH tradition, the quality of this year’s Technical Papers content was superb,” said Adam Finkelstein, Technical Papers Chair from Princeton University. “Not only did we receive outstanding work in the traditional areas of modeling, rendering, animation, and imaging, but we also noticed two emerging fields in design/fabrication and learning.” 

For a sneak peek of what's to come, see below!


Computational Design of Linkage-Based Characters
Authors: Bernhard Thomaszewski, Stelian Coros, Disney Research Zürich; Eitan Grinspun, Columbia University; Vittorio Megaro, ETH Zürich; Markus Gross, Disney Research Zürich, ETH Zürich; Damien Gauge, ETH Zürich
This paper presents a design system for linkage-based mechanical characters. The system allows users to interactively browse different design options, while a continuous optimization step improves motion quality and safeguards against singularities.
Interactive Design and Optimization of Free-Formed Free-Flight Model Airplanes
Authors: Nobuyuki Umetani, The University of Tokyo, Autodesk Research; Yuki Koyama, The University of Tokyo; Ryan Schdmit, Autodesk Research; Takeo Igarashi, The University of Tokyo
This paper introduces novel interactive techniques for designing original hand-launched free-flight glider airplanes that can actually fly. Based on a compact aerodynamics model, a user-designed wing configuration is interactively optimized to maximize flight-worthiness.


Self-Refining Games Using Player Analytics
Authors: Matt Stanton, Ben Humberston, Brandon Kase, Carnegie Mellon University; James O'Brien, University of California, Berkeley; Kayvon Fatahalian, Adrien Treuille, Carnegie Mellon University
Data-driven simulation demands good training data. In games, users explore a small subset of the configuration space. In this paper, a precomputed fluid dynamics game uses crowd sourcing to learn user behavior models that predict the most frequently encountered configurations. Precomputation is concentrated around these states, reducing model error and visual artifacts. 
Learning Bicycle Stunts
Authors: Jie Tan, Yuting Gu, Karen Liu, and Greg Turk, Georgia Institute of Technology
This paper presents a general approach to simulate and control a human character riding a bicycle. The rider not only learns to steer and balance in normal riding situations, but also learns to perform a wide variety of stunts, including wheelie, endo, bunny hop, front wheel pivot, and back hop.

Take Note: You definitely won't want to miss the paper presentations at SIGGRAPH 2014. Occurring from Monday through Thursday, 10-14 August, the 35 paper sessions will highlight 173 technical papers!

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What To See & Do In Vancouver

Majestic mountains, sparkling ocean, rainforests, and beautiful foliage in all four seasons make Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's no surprise Condé Nast Magazine named it the "Best City in the Americas."
Canada is known for its people's friendly nature, and Vancouver's citizens take great pride in their welcoming, clean, safe streets--day or night, all year round. Friendly with a laid-back vibe, Vancouver is home to a seemingly endless playground with activities and adventure for everyone. Visitors experience a modern, cosmopolitan city that blends culture and landscape.
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Top 5: Best of Vancouver in Summer
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  • Shakespeare anyone? The perfect end to a day in Vancouver, Bard on the Beach is a summer-long Shakespeare festival staged in oceanfront Vanier Park. Admire a Vancouver sunset while internationally acclaimed troupes bring the bard's classics to life.
Downtown Vancouver
Vancouver has an easily walkable core, in fact, it's been named "Canada's most walkable city" by Up Magazine. Click here to view the Vancouver downtown map featuring the Convention Centre and Tourism Vancouver's Visitor Centre.

Mobile Pavilion: New This Year!

The SIGGRAPH 2014 Mobile Pavilion is where the mobile, embedded, and low-power industries come together: the leading IP companies, top app developers, device manufacturers, and mobile-operating-system developers. With the unparalleled capabilities of modern mobile devices, this market is enjoying unprecedented growth and generating access to untapped revenues for organizations that are committed to this technology.
SIGGRAPH 2014 explores the latest mobile advances with its SIGGRAPH program, which showcases sessions by industry experts, developer workshops, and panels of market luminaries. Now, with the Mobile Pavilion on the Exhibition floor, the conference is also demonstrating technologies that leverage hands-on opportunities and interactions. If you are a leading IP company, OEM/ODM, or mobile OS or technology developer, visit the Mobile Pavilion in the SIGGRAPH 2014 Exhibition and interact with attendees who are creating the mobile, embedded, and Internet-of-Things future.
Stake your claim to that future by joining the debut of this cutting-edge pavilion at SIGGRAPH 2014. For more information about the SIGGRAPH 2014 Mobile Pavilion, please contact Exhibition Management and review the Exhibition Floor Plan.

Birds of a Feather

Informal presentations, discussions, and demonstrations for people who share interests, goals, technologies, environments, or backgrounds. Birds of a Feather events are proposed by SIGGRAPH 2014 attendees. They must be free of charge, related to computer graphics or interactive techniques, and non-commercial in nature (topics specific to one commercial product or for-profit company are not allowed).
All Birds of a Feather requests are subject to a review and approval process.
If you would like to present on a specific product or service, please contact Exhibition Management to schedule an Exhibitor Tech Talk.
For a preliminary list of Birds of a Feather, click here

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