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Developing a 3D Model Viewer for iOS Using COLLADA and OpenGL ES

Tuesday, 12 August 2:00 PM - 5:15 PM | Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Exhibit Hall A

Developing a 3D Model Viewer for iOS Using COLLADA and OpenGL ES

The first half of this course, a brief introduction to COLLADA and OpenGL ES, notes the data needed from the former to render with the latter. A simple XML parser is reviewed, integrated, and used to extract COLLADA geometry data, is then converted to OpenGL ES arrays. Finally, a quick setup of GLKit and GLKBaseEffect culminates in a simple rendering of a 3D mushroom model.

The second half is a deeper dive into OpenGL ES, incorporating shaders and GLSL. Three mini-programs are integrated into the app: Blinn-Phong, Lines, and Points. Finally, the app springs to life with a series of rich-gesture recognizers (pinch, pan, rotation) used to control the 3D scene (scale, translate, rotate).

The main takeaway from this course is a self-assembled 3D model viewer app that attendees can use to showcase their own models. Attendees are also encouraged to customize their apps by adding their own UI elements, shaders, backend integration, or other exciting features!

Each attendee must be equipped with an Apple MacBook running Xcode (iPhone/iPad optional). A .zip starter pack is provided, with all necessary code templates, pre-built libraries, and digital assets. A full, native iOS app is developed during the course in an incremental, hands-on session with several “build-and-run” steps along the way.

This course requires attendee to provide their own Apple Macbook Pros, with Xcode 5 pre-installed. Sample projects will run on the iOS Simulator, included with Xcode 5. Or attendees may deploy to their iPhones or iPads, if they are enrolled in Apple's iOS Developer Program.

Ricardo Rendon Cepeda