Studio Talks

Model. Print. Fabricate.

Tuesday, 12 August 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM | Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Rooms 116-117

Branching Support Structures for 3D Printing

A support structure is required to print a complex 3D shape, but printing the support structure wastes time and material. This method minimizes the waste by generating a novel branching support structure that takes into account both the geometry of the model and the properties of the printing process.

Ryan Schmidt
Autodesk Research

Nobuyuki Umetani
Autodesk Research

Exploring Board-Game Design Using Digital Technologies

This talk presents results of an educational case study from a course called History of Games and discusses how new technologies, such as digital prototyping, laser cutting and 3D-printing, sensors, and microcontroller technologies, can help in developing new types of physical board games by altering various existing game structures.

Taro Narahara
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Turning Free-Form Surfaces Into Manufacturable Components

An algorithm that enables free-form geometry to be produced by classical fabrication techniques such as milling or mold casting.

Philipp Herholz
Technische Universität Berlin

Marc Alexa
Technische Universität Berlin

Wojciech Matusik

Vancouver Maker Foundation

Through events and projects like the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, Maker Music, and educational initiatives, Vancouver Maker Foundation has brought together a broad range of Vancouver artists, hobbyists, creatives, collectives, and small businesses. With big ideas and new initiatives, Vancouver Maker Foundation is committed to supporting our local Maker community.

Emily Smith
Vancouver Maker Foundation