Crowded, Furry and in a Hurry

Thursday, 14 August 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM | Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Rooms 211-214 Session Chair: Glenn Goldman, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Art-Directable Canopies in Pixar’s Vegetation Pipeline

In computer animation, vegetation models must often conform to art-directed trunk and canopy shapes. To achieve these looks, a team at Pixar developed a toolset that interpolates branching detail between specific art-directed elements. This paper also discusses techniques to plausibly shadow large forests of these assets.

Matt Kuruc
Pixar Animation Studios

Nancy Tsang
PIxar Animation Studios

Tom Nettleship
Pixar Animation Studios

Using Sparse Voxel Octrees in a Level-of-Detail Pipeline for "Rio 2"

Blue Sky Studios met the challenge of scope and complexity for "Rio 2" with a unified level-of-detail asset pipeline using a sparse-voxel-octree geometry cache to support multiple workflows for populating, animating, and raytracing thousands of intricate characters with consistent and efficient throughput for lighting and rendering.

Sean Palmer
Blue Sky Studios

Eric Maurer
Blue Sky Studios

Mark Adams
Blue Sky Studios

Packet-Traced Disc Rendering for Baking and LoD

A simple pipeline for creating and rendering point-based LoD elements in a production-film renderer.

Harrison McKenzie Chapter
DreamWorks Animation

Sending 300 Monsters to College

This talk provides a production-oriented account of creating 300 monsters for "Monsters University".

Byron Bashforth
Pixar Animation Studios

Shalin Shodhan
Pixar Animation Studios

Jonas Jarvers
Pixar Animation Studios