Tuesday, 12 August 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM | Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Rooms 109-110 Session Chair: Juan Miguel de Joya, University of California, Berkeley

Silencing the Noise on Elysium

This new solution to the common issue of ray-traced noise drastically reduces render times by expanding use of a temporal filter to attenuate the weighting of a non-local-means algorithm that selectively refines its result.

Luke Goddard
Image Engine Design, Inc.

A Zero-Variance-Based Sampling Scheme for Monte Carlo Subsurface Scattering

A novel unbiased Monte Carlo sampling method for accurate subsurface scattering simulation, derived from the theory of zero-variance random walks. The method significantly reduces variance and increases rendering performance over the classical path sampling traditionally employed in volumetric media rendering.

Jaroslav Křivánek
Charles University in Prague

Eugene d'Eon
Weta Digita

Hierarchical Digital-Differential Analyzer for Efficient Ray-Marching in OpenVDB

A novel hierarchical digital differential analyzer that allows for efficient ray-marching, rendering,and intersections of the VDB data structure. The analyzer has enjoyed widespread adoption in the VFX industry.

Ken Museth
DreamWorks Animation

Importance Sampling for a Microcylinder-Based Cloth BSDF

An importance-sampling method for a microcylinder-based bidirectional scattering distribution function for cloth, presented by Sadeghi et al in 2013. The algorithm is efficient, easy to implement, and has no significant memory overhead nor need for pre-computation.

Chunpo Wang
DreamWorks Animation

Feng Xie
DreamWorks Animation

Parashar Krishnamachari
DreamWorks Animation