Think Big

Tuesday, 12 August 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM | Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Rooms 118-120 Session Chair: Mashhuda Glencross, Loughborough University

Shaping Particle Simulations with Interaction Forces

This talk proposes a force model to simulate visually challenging behaviors in particle simulations, such as pouring sand or water splashes.

Can Yuksel
DreamWorks Animation

Kyle Maxwell
DreamWorks Animation

Scott Peterson
DreamWorks Animation

Progressive Streaming of Compressed 3D Graphics in a Web Browser

A solution for fast progressive streaming and visualization of compressed 3D graphics on the web. The approach relies on a dedicated progressive-compression algorithm and a plugin-free solution for streaming, decoding, and visualization by the web browser, which relies on an optimized parallel JavaScript/WebGL implementation.

Guillaume Lavoué
Université de Lyon, LIRIS CNRS

Laurent Chevalier

Florent Dupont
Université de Lyon, LIRIS CNRS

Earth in Google Maps: Rendering Trillions of Triangles in JavaScript

[40 minute talk]

This talk gives an overview of the rendering technology used to render Google Earth’s massive dataset in a web browser using JavaScript and WebGL.

Janne Kontkanen
Google, Inc.

Evan Parker
Google Inc.