Technical Papers

Fields on Surfaces

Thursday, 14 August 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM | Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building, Ballroom A Session Chair: Miri Ben-Chen, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Robust Polylines Tracing for N-symmetry Direction Field on Triangulated Surfaces

This paper proposes an algorithm for tracing polylines that are oriented by a direction field defined on a triangle mesh. The challenge is to ensure that two such polylines cannot cross or merge. This property is fundamental for such applications as mesh segmentation and was impossible to enforce with existing algorithms.

Nicolas Ray

Dmitry Sokolov
Université de Lorraine

Frame Fields: Anisotropic and Non-Orthogonal Cross Fields

Introducing frame fields, a non-orthogonal and non-unit-length generalization of cross fields. This paper generalizes existing quadrangulation algorithms to generate anisotropic and non-uniform quad meshes whose element shapes match the frame field.

Daniele Panozzo
ETH Zürich

Enrico Puppo
Università degli Studi di Genova

Marco Tarini
Università degli Studi dell'Insubria, Varese; Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione

Olga Sorkine-Hornung
ETH Zürich

Robust Field-Aligned Global Parametrization

This paper describes a robust algorithm for global field-aligned parametrizaiton of meshes. The algorithm ensures local bijectivty of the result for any input mesh and field, possibly at the expense of inserting a small number of additional cones.

Ashish Myles
Google Inc.

Nico Pietroni
Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione

Denis Zorin
New York University

Exploring Quadrangulations

With a framework for exploring topologically unique quadrangulations of an input shape, this paper shows applications of shape-space exploration, remeshing, and design to underline the importance of topology exploration.

Chi-Han Peng
Arizona State University

Michael Barton
King Abdullah University of Science And Technology

Caigui Jiang
King Abdullah University of Science And Technology

Peter Wonka
Arizona State University

Weighted Triangulations for Geometry Processing

This paper introduces a new notion of discrete metric that characterizes the construction of primal-dual structures on arbitrary triangulations and thus augments the discretization of surfaces for digital geometry processing.

Fernando de Goes
California Institute of Technology

Pooran Memari
Laboratoire Traitement et Communication de l'Information

Patrick Mullen
California Institute of Technology

Mathieu Desbrun
California Institute of Technology