Studio Talks

Bing! Bang! Boom!

Wednesday, 13 August 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM | Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Rooms 116-117

Impact of Digital Media on Comics

Digital comics are more than web comics, which nominally benefit from the affordances of digital interactive media. Digital comics can expand beyond web comics to become site-specific comics, location-based comics (GPS comics), or embodied comics (computer-vision-based comics).

Ozge Samanci
Northwestern University

Avant-Garde Videogames

Identifying and critiquing avant-garde videogames by drawing from the formal and political modes of the historical avant-gardes.

Brian Schrank
DePaul University

The Making of the Seattle GigapixelArtZoom

This talk reviews the technical and artistic considerations associated with creation of the Seattle GigapixelArtZoom: a 20-gigapixel panorama populated with over 100 artists and performers, and captured by numerous videographers. Over 2,500 individual images and videos are encapsulated within a modern HTML5-based web site.

Michael Cohen
Microsoft Research

Matt Uyttendaele
Microsoft Research

Eric Stollnitz
Microsoft Research