Real-Time Live!

Real Time is Now

Tuesday, 12 August 5:30 PM - 7:15 PM | Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building, Ballroom C/D

The internet is a frontier. It incubates a wilderness of unexplored insanity, but it also contains a fundamentally untapped potential for interacting with graphics. Some communities are working to bring GPU graphics to the web, but even with these powerful advances, it is difficult to find pages that contain anything but hyperlinks, html, and css. Technology advances, but storytelling stays stagnant. A link is a link is a link.

There are many explorers who want to change this. Moving beyond blue underlined text, these pioneers want to create an internet where we can fly from page to page. Armed with fragment and vertex shaders, the web audio api, and AJAX calls, these adventurers are setting out not to make new web stores, but rather create destinations for people to discover and explore.

With each new page built in WebGL, we as a community take one small step toward this new land, overflowing with infinite untold stories. With each new normal-mapped model or generative landscape, we make the internet more and more of an experience. Every new GPGPU calculation helps us reach the place where each time we open our browser, we get to experience the magic of real time, the magic of now.

Isaac Cohen