Advance Program Updates


In the Advance Program, the non-member registration fee for Exhibits Plus on or before 18 July is $75. The correct fee is $50.

Art Gallery Talks

Session 1: Tuesday, 12 August, 2-3:30 pm
Panel Discussion: SIGGRAPH 2014 Art Gallery
New time: Tuesday, 12 August, 1-2 pm

Co-Located Event

SATURDAY, 9 August | Harbour Centre, the downtown Vancouver campus of Simon Fraser University

Emerging Technologies

Title change: No Photon Wasted: Efficient High-Brightness, High-Dynamic-Range Projection on Large Screens

New Title: High-Brightness Projection for True HDR

Updated contributor list:

Anders Ballestad
Eric Kozak
Raveen Kumaran
Johannes Minor
Eran Elizur
Gil Rosenfeld
Gerwin Damberg
MTT Innovation Inc.

Wolfgang Heidrich
The University of British Columbia

Production Sessions

Speaker update: The Making of “Guardians of the Galaxy” panelist Jonathan Fawkner is replaced by Kyle McCulloch, and Jonathan Fawkner joins the panel on The Making of “Captain America: the Winter Soldier”.

New Production Session
Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Present the VFX of “Godzilla”

Production Visual Effects Supervisor Jim Rygiel and visual effects artists from MPC (Moving Picture Company) and Double Negative describe the creative and technical challenges behind Gareth Edward’s acclaimed "Godzilla" remake. From the on-set approach, to the VFX work behind making the King of the Monsters, the panelists describe the processes involved in creating the hit movie of the summer.

Jim Rygiel, Production VFX Supervisor
Ferran Domenech, Animation Supervisor, MPC
Stuart Farley, CG Supervisor, Head of 3D, Double Negative Singapore

Studio Projects

Mag-B: Tactile Sand Play Using the Interactive Magnetic Display

Updated contributor list:

Kumiko Kushiyama

Yuya Kikukawa
Tetsuaki Baba
Tokyo Metropolitan University

Paul Haimes
Edith Cowan University

Shinji Sasada
Nippon Electronics College

Studio Talks

Out of the Screen: 3D Printing and Design
Corrected name of printer: Form 1+.

Studio Courses

High-Resolution 3D Printing: Design for Stereolithography
Corrected name of printer: Form 1+/.


Talk Session: Simulation

Mobile GPU Compute: Exploring the Mobile GPU Through OpenCL
Adrian Bucur's correct affiliation is Samsung R&D Institute UK

Dynamic On-Mesh Procedural Generation Control
Updated contributor list:

Cyprien Buron

Jean-Eudes Marvie

Gaël Guennebaud
Xavier Granier
INRIA/IOGS, Université de Bordeaux

Talk Session: Sampling

Silencing the Noise on Elysium
Contributor update: Luke Goddard, Image Engine Design, Inc. is the only speaker.

Importance Sampling for a Microcylinder-Based Cloth BSDF
Updated contributor list:

Chunpo Wang
Feng Xie
Parashar Krishnamachari
DreamWorks Animation

Talk Session: Hair Today

A Fiber Scattering Model With Non-Separable Lobes
Corrected speaker name and affiliation: Eugene d’Eon, Jig Lab

Talk Session: Scattering

A Dual-Beam 3D Searchlight BSSRDF
Corrected speaker name and affiliation: Eugene d’Eon, Jig Lab

Path Space Similarity Determined by Fourier Histogram Descriptors
Added to this session