Escape from Vancouver

You are a foreign spy trapped in Canada; Where is the seaplane that can come to help you "Escape from Vancouver" !!!

This social game is a demonstration of the use of creativity and technology to solve problems and share information in an entertaining game format. You will also discover some of the interesting Technical Papers being presented at SIGGRAPH 2014. The game space is the Vancouver Convention Centre. Come to the International Center to get instructions on how to play. (West Building, room 210; VCC)

The game is open Sunday through Wednesday, ending at this special event:


ACM SIGGRAPH Theater (West Building, Room 210)

Grand Prize giveaway (+ regional and bonus prizes!). This is the conclusion of the week-long social game. 

All players come together for a chance to win the Grand Prize (Surface Pro 3 with Type Cover), seaplane tours, one of six Fitbit Flex fitness bands, and bonus prizes!

Step 1

Choose a world region and discover the city where the seaplane will come from.

Step 2

To help the seaplane get to Vancouver, figure out the special "trajectory angle".

Step 3

Send the trajectory angle to the seaplane crew, using the haptic-psychic communication terminal.

Step 4

Examine the easy-to-read Technical Paper to discover when and where to meet the seaplane.

Step 5

Conspire with other attendees at a presentation about CG in your region of the world.

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