Team Leaders

To facilitate the operation of the conference, a number of Student Volunteers are appointed as Team Leaders, who manage Student Volunteers at specific conference venues and coordinate volunteer duties with SIGGRAPH 2014 Committee members.


Team Leader applicants must:

  • Meet all the regular criteria for becoming a Student Volunteer.
  • Demonstrate outstanding abilities as a Student Volunteer at a previous SIGGRAPH conference.
  • Exhibit strong organizational skills, enthusiasm, and dedication to helping the conference run smoothly for attendees.
  • Be effective at managing large groups of people, working well with others, and handling situations with grace when under pressure.

12 January 2014: Team Leader Applications Due

Only open to students who have previously served as Student Volunteers. Please complete the regular Student Volunteer application and the Team Leader essays on the application by 22:00 UTC/GMT. (Convert to your time zone.)

On or before 3 February 2014: Team Leader Application Results Sent

Applicants will receive email notification at the address provided in applications. Please adjust your spam filter so that any messages from email addresses will not be placed in your junk-mail folder. Applicants who are not accepted as Team Leaders will still be considered for Student Volunteer positions (and will be notified of the final decision by 29 April 2014).


Pre-conference requirements include:

  • Participating in occasional mandatory web-based Team Leader trainings and activities.
  • Mentoring Student Volunteers before the conference (average of 3-5 hours per week from May through SIGGRAPH 2014).

Responsibilities during the conference include:

  • Volunteering at least 60 hours during SIGGRAPH 2014, not including orientation.
  • Attending a mandatory full-day Team Leader orientation session on Friday, 8 August 2014.
  • Being at the conference from early Friday morning, 8 August 2014, until Friday morning, 15 August 2014.

Team Leaders should be prepared to handle expenses including, but not limited to:

  • Travel to and from Vancouver
  • Meals

Some limited Travel Assistance Awards and meal vouchers may be available to Team Leaders, but they are NOT guaranteed.

All Team Leaders receive eight nights of accommodation (from the evening of Thursday, 7 August 2014, to the morning of Friday, 15 August 2014) at a conference hotel. A minimum of two Team Leaders of the same gender will share each hotel room.