Forms Library

Freeman Quick Facts/Payment Information
Quick Facts.pdf
Method of Payment.pdf
Third Party Authorization.pdf
Freeman Terms & Conditions.pdf
Freeman Green Tips.pdf

Freeman Shipping/Customs Clearance/Material Handling
Freeman Exhibit Transportation Brochure.pdf
Freeman Customs Clearance Brochure.pdf
Request for Shipping & Customs Guide.pdf
Transportation & Customs Clearance Order Form.pdf
Canada Customs Invoice SAMPLE.pdf
Canada Customs Invoice.pdf
What Are Freight Services.pdf
Material Handling Order Form.pdf
Warehouse Shipping Labels.pdf
Show Site Shipping Labels.pdf
Outbound Shipping.pdf

Freeman Furnishings/Carpet/Signs/Floral

Freeman Accessories.pdf
Carpet Brochure.pdf
Carpet Order Form.pdf
Furnishing Essentials Brochure.pdf
Furnishing Essentials Order Form.pdf
Specialty Furnishings Brochure.pdf
Specialty Furnishings Order Form.pdf
Plants and Floral Order Form.pdf
Digital Graphics Brochure.pdf
Digital Graphics Order Form.pdf
Digital Graphics Guidelines.pdf

Freeman Rental Displays

Rental Exhibits Brochure.pdf
Rental Exhibits Order Form.pdf

Freeman Labour
Installation & Dismantle Brochure.pdf
Labour-Union Jurisdictions.pdf
Installation & Dismantle Order Form.pdf
In-Booth Forklift Order Form.pdf

Vancouver Convention Centre
Electrical Order Form.pdf
Freeman A/V.pdf
Catering Order Form.pdf
Food Sampling Guidelines.pdf
Food Product Preparation Order Form.pdf
Plumbing Order Form.pdf
Wi-Fi Order Form.pdf
Wired Internet Connection Order Form.pdf
Booth Vacuuming Order Form.pdf
Sign Hanging/Rigging Order Form.pdf

Other Services
Booth Security Order Form.pdf
Demonstrators Order Form.pdf

Exhibitor Appointed Contractor
Notice of Intent to Use Exhibitor Appointed Contractor