Sponsorship Opportunities

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Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Program

Show your support for one of the many popular SIGGRAPH 2014 programs. Sponsorships offer extensive branding opportunities. Program-support investment begins at $10,000. Pricing is based on exclusivity and the valuable sponsorship benefits you select. Ask Exhibition Management how we can help you connect with SIGGRAPH 2014 programs and show your ongoing support.

Creatively Target
Your Audience

  • Serve popcorn at the Electronic Theater.
  • Donate mouse pads and workstations to the Studio.
  • Organize karaoke night at Emerging Technologies.
  • Serve refreshments at your program’s opening reception.
  • Provide enticing give-aways throughout the week.
  • Be creative and promote your organization’s unique style.
  • Art Gallery

    The Art Gallery combines creativity and technology in a powerful aesthetic. Attendees experience how art and science coexist at SIGGRAPH 2014 and throughout the world.

  • Computer Animation Festival

    The Computer Animation Festival is the best (and only) place to see the year’s finest animation, visual effects, and scientific visualization. It’s a three-day festival of excellence that all SIGGRAPH attendees put in their conference calendars. All three showings of the festival’s Electronic Theater are available for sponsorship.

  • Emerging Technologies

    Emerging Technologies presents unusual, surprising, visionary, and practical innovations in several fields, from displays and input devices to collaborative environments and robotics, and film and game technologies. Attendees schedule serious time in Emerging Technologies, to interact with the latest systems before they become hot topics in mainstream media and blogs.

  • Dailies SOLD!

    This celebration of excellence in computergraphics showcases images and short animations of extraordinary power and beauty. Dailies will astound the audience with sheer excellence in modeling, shading, animation, lighting, effects, and more. This is where you can participate in the vibrant production culture that surrounds presenting and reviewing work that was completed despite seemingly endless obstacles.

  • Real-Time Live!

    Real-Time Live! is the premier showcase for the latest trends and techniques for pushing the boundaries of interactive visuals. An international jury selects submissions from a diverse array of industries to create a fast-paced, 45-minute show of cutting-edge, aesthetically stimulating real-time work. Each live presentation lasts less than five minutes, and is presented by the artists and engineers who produced the work.

  • Student Volunteer Program

    The Student Volunteer Program puts you right in the middle of all of the action and deep into a network of students who are inspired to be the industry leaders of tomorrow.

  • Studio

    In this collaborative working environment, the latest technologies and brightest minds come together to learn, experiment, and create. Attendees will explore the Studio and try out a wide range of new techniques and media with help from experienced hands. They will play with the latest in 3D printing, modeling, and animation software. The Studio brings ideas to life with tomorrow’s technologies in gigapixel imaging, motion capture, and more.

  • Investment begins at $10,000 for all programs
Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorships

Achieve outstanding brand visibility by sponsoring one of SIGGRAPH 2013's popular and well-attended events.

Customize Sponsorship Packages

We can customize the perfect sponsorship package for your company’s goals and budget. Regardless of your booth size or budget size, we can create opportunities to meet your needs.

  • Reception

    The highly successful Reception is back on Monday, 11 August! Take advantage of a concentrated,high-energy audience at the most anticipated social event, which takes place the night before the Exhibition opens. Sponsorship includes the opportunity to deliver welcoming remarks and extensive branding.
    Investment begins at $20,000

  • Cash In and Win

    Participate in this exciting opportunity to dramatically increase your booth traffic! Attendees will visit your booth to receive a stamp for their scorecard, allowing them to participate in the daily drawings to win $1,000 in cash.

    • Title Sponsorship $5,000

      Be the Title Sponsor and have the official daily drawings take place from your booth.

    • Standard Sponsorship $1,500

      As a Standard Sponsor, attendees will be required to visit your booth to obtain your stamp in order to participate in the Cash In and Win game.

  • Appy Hour Reception

    Refreshments will be served to all the App Camp attendees during the Appy Hour reception, creating the right social setting for continued discussions and review of apps. Sponsorship includes extensive branding opportunities.
    Investment begins at $6,000

  • Live Broadcast

    Join the wide-range of industry luminaries who are interviewed live from the SIGGRAPH StudioXperience stage. Segments are broadcast live and are made available after the conference as on-demand content. Broaden your message to a wide audience of industry professionals in a conversational style interview.
    Investment begins at $4,000

  • World Record

    SIGGRAPH 2014 will orchestrate a world record attempt for the largest image displayed across a set of mobile devices utilizing hundreds of attendees which will attract wide print, broadcast, and social media coverage. This is a great opportunity to promote your organization by having your logo promoted as part of a large mosaic on mobile devices. Sponsorship includes promotion of your logo far and wide.
    Investment begins at $5,000